Sarah's World

Hi! I'm Sarah O'Keeffe and, in case you were wondering, I made this web site for a whole bundle of reasons. Here are just some of them:


1) I really think this computer stuff is cool, so I wanted to see what marvelous creation I could come up with.

2) I wanted to have something I could update from anywhere on the planet.

3) I wanted people to be able to learn about ordinary everyday girls like me and how they spend their time.


I think what everyone wants is a way of getting across to people and this is my way of doing just that.


On this site, you can see my computer art, read stories I wrote, hear songs I made and find out what's happening in my life.


Just my way of getting across.

P.S. For a school project I have added some pages about Skellig which can only be accessed from this home page.

P.P.S. My mum and dad helped me to make this site, so I thought I should give them a link - Mum or Dad.